Marketing Translation | Dudu Koren - English to Hebrew Translation

Marketing Translation

I have gained a vast experience in translation of press releases and marketing brochures. Leverage existing marketing texts, and adapt them for the Hebrew reader.

Translation of Press Releases

The industry giants are impressively represented in Israel. These companies publish press releases about launching new products, technologies and events. Obviously it is easier (and cheaper) to purchase marketing translation services than creating them from scratch in Hebrew. The Israeli reader expects short concise sentences so that the message is received swiftly. I have gain vast experience in this field, and I can supply English to Hebrew translation that sounds as if it was originally written in Hebrew.

Translation of Marketing Brochures

This is often associated with the word “copywriting”. Copywriting is essential for selling, but does any brochure needs copywriting from scratch which is very expensive? Truly, marketing translation requires certain adaptations without which the resulting Hebrew text would not be attractive and flow well – two critical qualities of marketing text. I have successfully accomplished such tasks for years. Indeed, translation is not a cheap substitution for copywriting, but when the source text is intended for a similar audience speaking the target language, I can certainly give it the right look and feel.