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Technical Translation

Translation of user guides, UIs and online help, educational materials, policy documents and SOPs. I give a high added value to my work, which contributes to the translation process and the quality of the final product.

Translation of user guides

This is a particular problematic in translation from English to Hebrew. User guides of consumer products are sometimes written in a sloppy way, and there is a tendency to translate them cheaply. The source text may be a bad translation from another language which results in another bad translation in Hebrew. I offer professional translation service in a user friendly language, resolving all issues and not leaving stones unturned.

Translation of user interfaces and online help

During my career I dealt with hundreds of thousands words of online help, as a co-translator in a team as we well as team leader. I worked with various tools, including SDL Trados. This tool is probably equivalent to Microsoft Office in the world of technical translation in general, and particularly in the translation of user interfaces and online help.

Translation of educational and training material

Translation of educational and training material requires delving into and good understanding of the subject matter. It is virtually impossible to find a translator who is a professional both in translations and in the subject matter. Being a professional translator, eloquent and with background in natural science and technology, made it possible to do a good job also in this field. Being also jack of all trades is sort of an ideal means to get involved in the context of an educational or training material and re-write it clearly and make it comprehensible for the target audience.

Translation of policy documents

This kind of material some times is quite diversified: Some sections are written as procedures, while others may describe situations and events. This calls for mixed styles: The descriptions and illustrations are lighter in style, while the procedures us formal, almost legal language.

Translation of standard work procedures

I spent part of my career in the industry. I was involved in the creation of work procedures and purchasing specification and I am quite familiar with this world. Being a professional translator with such background, I give an added value to my work, because I speak the same language as the end client. I also warn the client about errors and mistakes in the source document.

Translation of technology articles

I have always been a technology enthusiast. I passionately read all the youth encyclopedias of the sixties and seventies. I still enjoy science and technology TV programs, so it is part of my life. A technical translation turns my hobby into profession: Irrigation, environment, agriculture, energy and so on. Business does go with pleasure!