Clients Testimonials | Dudu Koren - English to Hebrew Translation

Clients Testimonials

Dudu Koren has been translating from English into Hebrew for our company
already several months.

We appreciate his drive, linguistic knowledge as well as the passion for
translation. We have never had any quality issue which makes him a
highly recommendable translator.

He always delivered requested tasks on time which is highly appreciated
especially when facing a very tight deadline. We are willing to continue
this cooperation.

Jakub Hlavacek

Moravia IT

Signal Business Development is Israel's premier international business
development consultancy and is wholly owned by The Trendlines Group, a
company that invests in seed-stage innovative companies through two Israel
government-licensed technology incubators.

Both Signal Business Development and The Trendlines Group have had occasion
over the years to use the translation services of Dudu Koren. We have found his
work and his service to be professional, timely and cost-effective. In particular
we appreciated that whenever a translation would involve specialized vocabulary,
he worked closely with the client to ensure that he had accurately captured the

I would definitely recommend Dudu Koren to anyone looking for high-quality,
professional translation services.

Tina Ornstein

Signal Business Development

I warmly recommend the quality of service and work we have been enjoyed for the last 15 years.
We ordered technical, marketing and other types of translations.
You also handled the translations in many European languages that we needed.
You have always met our tight deadlines.
We were always confident that we are in good hands and that you would find a way to give value even to the simplest job.

We are looking forward to the next 15 years of cooperation.

Alon Spigel, CEO

AMN Ltd.

‫Since 2005, Dudu Koren Has been translating for us press releases as well as highly technical articles dealing with advanced products and technologies.
We'd like to point out the high quality of his work and his keeping of deadlines, which are the two critical ingredients
for any translation, and especially in out industry.
We warmly recommend his services and are looking forward to a continuous and fruitful cooperation.

Nisso Cohen, CEO

Koteret Public Relations

I'd like to point out the great service I received from Dudu Koren in Translation of Websites, from the price quote until the finalization of the work.
Dudu downloaded the relevant Web pages, did the translation and returned the translated pages which were also in the right format and language direction.
The translation was professional and uploading it the server was swift.
Dudu also took the necessary time to ask the right questions so that he could deliver a complete work. The whole process was very effective and convenient.
I warmly recommend his service.

Ami Sender

as2 E-Consulting

Recently we have transferred a production line of a medical device from USA to Israel in order to run the production locally.
This included a large number of standard work procedures which specify the various stages production process, including tools, materials and tests. To meet the regulatory requirements as well as to enable all personnel to read the work instructions in Hebrew, we had to translate the materials (50,000 words). We were recommended about Dudu Koren's translation services, and it proved we did the right choice.
The translation was very professional, and even formatting was like the original one. Dudu also pointed out many discrepancies and even technical errors in the original text, and took the extra time to have all those issues clarified. Although he is not a company employee, Dudu was deeply involved in this aspect of the transfer process and made sure not to leave any open ends. Despite the fact that the translation was not a straightforward task, deadline was met, and we are fully satisfied of the results. We warmly recommend his services.

Yariv Yosef

Given Imaging