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About me

I was born and grew up in Israel. I graduated the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and completed my BSc in agriculture. I practiced computer programming and worked in the industry. From early childhood I was fascinated by science, technology and music. These subjects together with my being linguaphile opened the opportunity to practice translation from English to Hebrew, which requires education, good understanding in many subject matters and a fluent language. Almost every day I find something familiar in texts that I translate – either from my studies, work career and so on.

My first steps in professional translation were with educational science kits, which was in line with my education and my areas of interest. Later on, I translated popular and professional computer text books, which developed my skills due to a wonderful cooperation with the editor (and the credit goes to Mr. Itzhak Amihud of Hod-Ami).

Parallel to translations, I managed translation project in a translation agency, which allowed me to gain experience in complex tasks, including managing the team work.

My technical background, the good command of both languages – especially in Hebrew (as well as my intelligence!) help me to cope with any technical, marketing or other translation.