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English to Hebrew Translation

Many times you need an English to Hebrew Translation: This could be educational or training material, technical specification, press release or marketing brochure. It seams that working knowledge in English and Hebrew mother tongue make it possible.

Powerful PCs and software application make it even easier to produce documents that look and feel professional. So how come you put a lot of time translating them and the result is not satisfactory? Let’s say you overcame the translation tumbling block, how can you keep the formatting similar to the original document? And what about a Website with all these links, buttons and other functionalities? User interface? Online help?

It all boils down to one thing: Translation is a professional task, which better be done by a professional who has the right skills and tools for the job.

English to Hebrew Translation: To translate or not to translate? That is the question.

This is kind of the million dollar question. In a technological world exploding of ever growing number of terms, every translator is likely to have doubts whether certain terms should be translated. There are many dictionaries and the Academy of the Hebrew Language is actively (and wisely) creates terms in Hebrew, but do people really know them? The Hebrew language has been considered a “dead language” for centuries, and its revival started only at the end of the 19th centuries. In a very short time it had to keep up with the standard languages the the modern world. Indeed, the language of the Bible is pure poetry, but one can do very little with it when it comes to technology. To make things more complicated, the everyday language (not necessarily slang) is sometimes different from the higher formal language. There is neither simple nor absolute answer for this. Localization is a common name for translation services encompassing adaption of a textual as well as graphical content to a target language. English to Hebrew translation has many aspects in this sense, some of which are technical (e.g. the direction and the formatting of the text), but one thing is paramount: a professional translator should make the best judgment and often give up an esoteric Hebrew term in favor of more descriptive legible text.