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Website Translation

Why start from scratch? Get your Website in Hebrew and address your target audience – in Hebrew. Maintain the original format and adapt the marketing-technical style to flow well in Hebrew: Clear, concise and using just the required amount of text.

A major part of my work involves materials that are published on Websites. The Internet is the virtual space where everything happens in a very realistic way. Be there – or be square. The revolution of search engines that followed the information revolution, made a tremendous change in how people use the information not o mention how they search for it. The visibility on the Web has become a major component of the market presence of commercial as well as other organizations. In an era where the Internet is the most important information platform, you can’t make a significant move in distribute information, publicize or advertise without going in this highway.

The tremendous changes have not skipped Israel, and the Hebrew language is enjoying an impressive presence on the Web. If you represent a foreign company and want to upload some relevant Webpages without creating them from scratch, English to Hebrew translation is what you need. All principles of professional translation apply here – much more so, since the translated content is visible to potentially unlimited people, opposed to a printed material. In addition to a fluent translation that speaks to the target audience, you get the Webpages in the right format and direction, so they are ready to go live. It’s easy, fast and doesn’t cost more! Webpage are updated dynamically. Due to the the right tools for the job, I can handle any change, however small or big, as if it were a document. I also download the pages myself!

It is well known that the user doesn’t read each and every word. They just scan the text quickly, and when they don’t find what they are looking for, they surf to another site. This makes succinctness paramount; you need the message to received quickly. The Hebrew language is more compact than the English (Well, I love you is still shorter in English…) This makes it possible to put all translated information within the present space without an overflow. Therefore, If the original text displays on one screen, it is likely that the English to Hebrew translation won’t require scrolling the screen in order to see it all. The combination of compactness and my excellent phrasing make a professional translation that improve your visibility – exactly what you need.