Less Words – More Message

Less Words – More Message

A professional translator is conscious to the syntactic differences between the source and target languages, as well as to the nuances. This goes well with the experience, making the resulting translation readable, fluent and most important – more comprehensible. Professional terminology is very important, no argue about it. Nowadays, due to search engines, professional terminology is available in many fields. Yet, a dictionary or a glossary are not tools for the comprehension of a text. They also don’t guarantee a good phrasing and style. Another problem which is frequently over looked: Many texts are written (in the source language) in either bad style or too wordy, which necessitates some adaptation and maybe reduction, so that the target reader can comprehend it.

Conclusion: Translation is not just “saying the same thing in another language”, but to make it easy on the reader, eliminating frustration and getting the expected result – comprehension.

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