The Advantage of a Professional Translation Tool

What’s a professional translation tool?

First, let’s clear the concept of “translation tool”. In this context, we are not talking about automated translation tools, free or commercially available. Professional translation tool do not translate by themselves. Rather, they store in a database pairs of translation units, one in source and another one in target language. Using smart logic, they not only can retrieve a translation of a text that have been translated in the past, but even a fuzzy matched sentence. This is a great advantage from the translator’s point of view: Some text combinations are very common, “Click OK” is a text you will frequently see in software application. Another example will be the sentence “For more information, go to the homepage” which has been translated in the past. Now, we have the new sentence “For more details, go to the homepage”. The translation tool will show the old translation, and we only need to change one word. These are very simplistic examples, but the principle is clear: Text matches can be leveraged.

Professional translation tool from the client’s point of view

The client also benefits from this tool. He actually benefits twice:

  1. The translation is more consistent, far beyond the individual document, but throughout the document set, some of which of older versions.
  2. Saving costs – getting a discount based on text matches.

These advantages go together very well: Suppose you had translated some technical document, say a user guide. Several years have passed, lots of changes have occurred, and now you want to make a new version based on the old one. Let’s say you even took the time to highlight the changes, it’s still going to be a night mare on the translator’s part. Now consider a situation where the translator has to figure out the changes? A professional translation tool takes out the tedious tasks and leave the translator with the real work – translation of the changes. The work is likely to be completed in a shorter time, cost less, the quality is higher, and everybody is happy.

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