Why Glossary?

A glossary (or terminology list) is a vital resource especially in technical translationMaintaining a consistent terminology enhances the clarity and comprehension of the translation, and provides it with professionalism. The computer industry creates new terms in ever growing numbers. Microsoft makes available a glossary Website in many languages where terms in their various products can be looked up. Since Microsoft products are very common, this glossary is sometimes viewed as a golden standard for software user interface. Of course, there could be other aspects in a translation of a software user interface, but no doubt this glossary is a useful one. There are many technical dictionaries, in printed or online version, but experience shows that clients develop their own jargon, and they are more happy when the translation follows their conventions. However, a professional translator frequently doesn’t receive such glossary from the client, and has to built one on the fly. This is not the ideal situation, but professional translator doesn’t live in an ideal world, and should be prepared accordingly.

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