How to save on translation costs?

The simplest way is not to translate. Do you really need to translate everything? Consider the translation of the essential parts only. With each paragraph you don’t translate, you save the translation work hence – you save money.

Professional translation tool (see “The Advantage of a Professional Translation Tool“) allow recycling translated texts with a smaller effort, giving the client a discount..

Many times a text goes for translation before it has been reviewed and edited. Naturally, the client wants to get a nice fluent translation, but in this case the translator needs to cope with a much more difficult task. A good translator would try to improve the text, but there is a limit to what he can do with a raw material. This will also have a bearing on the schedule and the end result. In other words, better do it once correctly than correct it over and over again.

Professional translation saves money

Cheap may prove to be more expensive: Sometimes, in an effort to save money, the translation is done cheap by someone without the necessary skills, and later it needs to be edited or even re-translated. No need to say that it proves to be even more expensive and is likely to cause a delay.


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